Aidan Coady
4 September 2015
AquaSurTech, the Beauty of Everlasting Paint 

When you drive past a house and feel that wow moment, there’s a lot going on. The character of a home is the combined result of many different design elements at work. 

Architecturally, houses can be made to look imposing, calm and family-friendly, artsy and modern, or whatever suits the homeowner. Similarly, the design of your woodwork and the landscaping of your lawn can change the image of your home dramatically. 

But there’s something profoundly important about colour. More than any of the qualities listed above, colour indicates the personality of your home more-so than your own. Few things establish a lingering, in-the-moment glance quite like a bright front door or a bold colour scheme.

As a homeowner, think of your house as a canvas and strive to make its outer appearance as personalized as its inner. No space should go to waste, and how you apply colour to tricky surfaces like siding, windows, and even doors can make the difference between five and 15 years of stellar, memorable colour.

We’ve found that AquaSurTech’s D200 Waterborne Coating System is the best high performance, environmentally friendly option when it comes to adding a splash of colour to your doors and windows.

What is D200?

D200 is a water based coating system designed for PVC, fibreglass and aluminum materials and is applied directly to window and door trim using a sprayer. Specializing in surface detection, D200 will identify surface qualities and create a bond that ensures the longevity of the coat.

Compared to other paint products, D200 dries in a staggering 20 minutes on average! When you stack these results up against the average six to eight hour wait for standard latex paints to dry, D200 is the clear winner for quick touch-ups.

When it comes to retaining vibrancy, AquaSurTech didn’t pull any punches either. A unique chemical composition that’s resistant to harmful sources means that acid rain, window cleaner, and even lacquer thinner don’t stand a chance of dulling or damaging your D200 paint.


AquaSurTech identifies themselves as a company that’s committed to environmental awareness, and the D200 line is a prime example of a top-tier product that’s being produced with the Earth in mind. When it comes to concerns for health and environmental wellbeing, the VOC, or volatile organic compound levels in paint are often centre stage. Concentrated amounts of VOC can have adverse respiratory or allergic effects, and certain VOCs have been linked to the creation of smog and the contamination of our atmosphere.

While some paint products contain up to 150 grams of VOCs per litre, D200 maintains less than 20 grams per litre. In addition to the environmental benefits of releasing fewer harmful chemicals into the air, VOC levels this low ensure that the surfaces being painted aren’t damaged in the long-term. For example, high VOC-based paints can cause brittleness in vinyl, leading to cracks and paint chipping. 

In the end, a coat if paint that keeps its ‘factory finish’ look is something every homeowner appreciates. AquaSurTech’s D200 has been the go-to paint for our windows and doors, and we’ve always been satisfied with the results. For more information on AquaSurTech’s other products, click here.

Amazing crew, the two installers were punctual, of good humor, and very skilled in their workmanship, even with the additional repair required on a Friday morning before a long weekend. They were both truly professional and I commend them both! A job very well done!

Mike L.


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