What you need to know about patio doors - Part 2

Once well-know for their fragility and heat loss during winters, modern patio doors are now much more energy efficient and durable no matter the season. 

But choosing a patio door is not a one size fits all ordeal; there are a multitude of options, each with their own unique benefits.  

What you need to know about patio doors - Part 1

Patio doors are a key component in the personalization of your home. They provide a refreshing view to the outside world, let in comforting natural light, and create air circulation on hot summer days. 

Windows made for the East Coast lifestyle

Maritime seasons are notorious for changing abruptly and drastically. Rain turns to snow as quickly as sunlight turns to a storm, and as Maritimers ourselves we’ve seen balmy summers shift to relentless winters in the blink of an eye. We live with it, we embrace it, and our perseverance in the face of harsh weather has come to define us. 

Our vision for local

Since its inception in 1988, Nova Doors and Windows has been committed to the economic benefits and implications of a focus on local development. Our team has grown into a multifaceted company as the needs of our clients deepened and the utility of doors and windows expanded with modern innovation, but our borders have long remained the same.

Supplier Spotlight: GenTek

If home design is your passion you’ll want to see what our friends over at GenTek have come up with.

The times, they are a-changin'

Nova Doors and Windows takes a great deal of pride in the product we offer, the service we deliver, and the customers we partner with. It’s a process that we’ve carved our for ourselves and our business, to define us in a market saturated by quality competitors and lasting relationships. 

Daylight and Fresh Air

A well constructed house can be a truly magnificent thing to behold. The time-weathered classic carries character and history, and modern new housing is built to showcase updated appliances and innovative new smart technologies.

Nova Doors and Windows Supplier Profile: PH Tech

Staying competitive in Metro’s doors and windows market is about more than the sheer quantity of projects you’re taking on. It’s about relationships, it’s about word of mouth, and in order to garner either of those two loyalties you simply must make it about providing the best possible product you can secure. 

Amazing crew, the two installers were punctual, of good humor, and very skilled in their workmanship, even with the additional repair required on a Friday morning before a long weekend. They were both truly professional and I commend them both! A job very well done!

Mike L.


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