Aidan Coady
13 October 2015
3 Tips for getting your house winter ready

The temperature is dropping, the sun is setting earlier and the idea of actually doing Christmas shopping early this year is working its way into our collective conscious - winter is coming. For homeowners, this means facing the daily decision of either turning on the heat (and spending a bit more on your monthly energy bill), or ’toughing’ it out and having a bit more in the bank. While the decision can seem like a no-win scenario, there are a ton of DYI ways to make your home more energy efficient. Having properly installed, energy-efficient windows and doors is a huge difference maker, but for quick and easy fixes consider our three tips below.
Caulking older windows

Older styles and models of windows are notorious for letting outside air slip into your home. This is at least partially due to inefficient designs or simple wear and tear. Replacing these windows is your best bet when it comes to achieving long-term energy savings, but caulking is a fantastic interim option. Rope Caulk is great for sealing conventional windows and can be removed easily later on because it won’t stick to the wood or metal.

Installing door sweeps, thresholds and snakes

A door threshold (or door sill) is the vinyl ramp at the foot of your door. It uses rubber stoppers to create a tight seal at the bottom of your door and prevents air from seeping in. After extended use, the rubber can become worn down and will compromise the seal. Installing a new door threshold is an extensive process, but can be performed by experienced DIYers. For a step down in difficulty, attaching a door sweep to your home can be done fairly quickly and is still a good energy saving option. You can check out this video for step by step instruction. Finally, if you don’t want to perform handiwork, a homemade door snake/draft stopper is another option worth considering. 

Drapes and curtains are your friend

Heavy drapes and curtains are great for absorbing heat from the sun, and can act as pseudo-draft stoppers for your windows. Make sure to close the drapes during the night, and having two drapes that overlap will help to decrease heat loss further. Position the drapes as close to the window as possible for maximum efficiency.
If last winter is any indication of what’s to come this year, having an energy efficient home can help put a substantial dent in your energy bill. Hopefully our tips help you save some money in the coming months, and if you’re interested in learning more about our energy-efficient windows and doors, call us at 902-468-3850. 

Amazing crew, the two installers were punctual, of good humor, and very skilled in their workmanship, even with the additional repair required on a Friday morning before a long weekend. They were both truly professional and I commend them both! A job very well done!

Mike L.


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