Aidan Coady
22 September 2015
How to get an Energy Star Label 

Both our online catalogue and our local showroom are brimming with stars. Energy Star labels, to be specific! So what is an Energy Star label, and why do you see them on our products?

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is an American designation that has made its way to Canada, and highlights energy efficient products that reduce greenhouse gases and pollutants.
 Designed by the Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star’s ultimate goal is prompting manufacturers to improve their products and reduce their carbon footprint in pursuit of the now prestigious label.

What products are eligible to receive an Energy Star label?

In theory, everything and anything that uses energy to run is eligible to receive an Energy Star label. The extensive list of products includes refrigerators, furnaces, computers, ceiling fans, windows, and beyond. Certain energy products, however, are either on a suspension list or are currently being evaluated.

Products that simply can’t be built for efficiency wind up on the Energy Star suspension list. Battery chargers, for example, are simply too inefficient, by design, and as such Energy Star has opted not to have guidelines for them at all.

Energy Star determines which category of products is eligible for their award label based on their scoping reports. Though there are multiple products that could benefit from energy efficiency guidelines, Energy Star prioritizes those that have the potential to influence significant global energy savings.

What are the requirements for getting a product Energy Star certified?

The requirements for obtaining an Energy Star label ranking vary by product. Each category of product has its own specifications to meet, like this one for windows and doors. The one thing they share is the list of key principles indicated on the Energy Star site:

  • The product must function properly in addition to being energy efficient.
  • The energy efficiency of the product must be viable by all companies in the product market (to prevent unfair favouritism).
  • The energy consumption of the product can be appropriately tested and measured.
  • The product’s energy efficient would contribute to energy savings worldwide.

For homeowners, the value in energy efficient doors and windows is twofold. Not only does it significantly reduce the cost of your monthly energy bill, it also prevents the release of unnecessary fossil fuels into our atmosphere. Energy Star’s program is a win win scenario for consumers buying, and manufacturers who are up to the task of creating new, eco-friendly products

The next time you’re in the market to build, renovate or upgrade, ask about Energy Star!

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