Benjamin Sullivan
25 apr 2019
Nova Doors and Windows Supplier Profile: PH Tech


Staying competitive in Metro’s doors and windows market is about more than the sheer quantity of projects you’re taking on. It’s about relationships, it’s about word of mouth, and in order to garner either of those two loyalties you simply must make it about providing the best possible product you can secure.

It’s with this in mind that Nova Doors and Windows selects their product and suppliers based on a process worthy of your home renovation. Rest assured that your investment in choosing the best business to care for your home is equally matched by our commitment to product research, testing, and authenticity.

In what’s sure to be a series highlighting out suppliers and products of choice, today’s focus is on PH Tech - a leader in design and extrusion whose Solid Vinyl Window Systems have never been less than excellent for the last 50 years.

Beyond modern designs that are thoughtfully considered and meticulously crafted, PH Tech’s frames are also considerably energy-efficient. Vinyl window frames save the United States nearly 2 trillion Btus of energy each year according to phtech.ca. You can find the full gamut of information on performance window and frame technology on their website.

Ultimately, it’s hard to argue with a 50-year record of success designing, producing, and delivering vinyl window frames that are acknowledged industry-wide for their high quality, incredible value, and long lived endurance. We’re proud to bring such a prestigious product to Metro and to the homes of every client we work with.

Amazing crew, the two installers were punctual, of good humor, and very skilled in their workmanship, even with the additional repair required on a Friday morning before a long weekend. They were both truly professional and I commend them both! A job very well done!

Mike L.


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